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In today’s modern world of Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and more, it’s important for businesses of all sizes to recognize the social media opportunities and resources they have easily available to them. 

Using social media for business is one of the best ways to promote your brand online and create the potential to gain some new clients. The best part is creating a social media account is totally free — with of course the option to purchase paid advertising to really drive up exposure.

If creating your brand’s presence online is something you’re thinking about doing, be sure to keep in mind some of these quick social media tips below:

1 – Determine which social media platforms match your brand.

It’s important to understand how each social media platform works and if it makes sense for your brand. For example, a photographer should definitely consider showcasing their photos on Instagram. Someone who works in fashion might pin their products on Pinterest. A performer might share some behind-the-scenes recording sessions on Snapchat.

One platform that everyone should use regardless of the industry they’re in is Facebook. Facebook, in our opinion, has become such an important facet to branding your business and building an official identity. So much so that creating a website might not even be necessary in some instances. It’s also a great platform for sharing quick updates via stories and creating top-of-mind awareness for your followers every day.

If you run your own business like we do, don’t be afraid to use your personal Facebook page, especially when first starting out. It makes it more … well, personal. And it gives your clients a chance to get to know the real you and your friends and family the opportunity to see just how passionate you are about what you do. Plus, it gives your company double the exposure making it a win-win. 

2 – Keep things professional and polished.

If you’ve created a company account, then it’s important to remember to use your company’s voice. Something very common in small businesses is that people forget they’re posting on behalf of their company’s social media account and not their personal page. You don’t want to use words like “I,” “my” or “me.” You want to stick to “we,” ”our” and “us.”

This is especially true when responding to a comment or liking things. It might be a little weird for a person to see that ABC Company liked their selfie of them in a bikini.

Also, make sure you use proper spelling and grammar as well as refrain from anything controversial (unless essential to your brand).

If you use your personal Facebook page for business, we’d recommend going back through all the posts and photos you’ve shared. If they’re not stuff you’d share today with your brand now associated, you should probably delete them.

3 – Create a balance of business life and personal life.

Using social media for business doesn’t necessarily mean you only post things related to business. Be sure to share fun happenings around the office or content about your business that is personal to you. Share tidbits about your employees too! Maybe share a day in the life working from home.

If you use your personal accounts, this is especially important. You want to share enough business content to show that you are credible in what you do but also enough personal content to show that you’re still a fun person on your own. The one where you’re on a Zoom meeting with a client and your dog pops up in the background? Yeah, that one. 

4 – Try to stick to a social media routine.

You want your social media followers to be able to rely on you for content. Sometimes there’ll be times when life gets in the way, but try to stick to a general routine when sharing posts, photos and videos. This will give your followers something to look forward to! We recommend not overcommitting yourself though to a schedule you maybe can’t follow.

Remember: The key here is to keep your routine realistic and stick to what works best for you, while still maintaining a steady schedule to get enough brand exposure. 

If you’ve found our tips helpful and that they’ve worked for you, don’t be shy and click the share button! 

Feel free to let us know what other tips you may have for us or for others in the comments below 🙂

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