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Many businesses will come to the conclusion at every point and that’s, do we need to hire a content writer and the answer will always be yes. First let’s talk about what is content writing? Content writing is the writing, editing and publishing content that is used digitally. This includes monthly blogs, e-newsletters, email pitches, digital advertising copy, email pitches and so much more!


Hiring a professional copywriting team much like BOBO Marketing Services offers businesses many benefits. Getting discovered by website search engines and users organically through the use of researched targeted keywords otherwise known as SEO would have to be a main benefit. SEO can lead to the boosting of conversion rates, surpassing new sales goals, reaching new target audiences and ultimately gives your brand a voice. Having a copywriting strategy is a direct way to speak to your audience and gain an audiences or consumers trust to do business with your brand. In fact, 78% of consumers say it’s easy to trust a brand that produces its own customized content [1]. 


By having consistent, quality and engaging content, users will understand and interact with your business more willingly and happily. Establishing your brands voice and becoming an  industry leader in discussions sets up your business for success and beyond. 

Content Writing Services:

Per word count:

• Up to 300 Words ($75)
• Up to 500 Words ($130)
• Up to 700 Words ($150)
• Up to 1,000 Words ($200)

Proofreading ($60 per hour)

Write your way into business history.

our professional copywriting services is one that produces positive results!