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We optimize your digital and social media presence to amplify user engagement.


We believe in building a community and creating captivating content that will showcase and represent your brands value and voice. In the rapidly changing world of social media platforms and algorithms to go with it, our competitive digital and social media marketing services are built for every small business owner to get positive results that will surpass their competitors. To be seen by an ideal target audience, we provide in-depth analysis of paid and organic social media campaigns to know what’s working and what customers are engaging and resonating with. Creating engaging video content that social media platforms are now pushing on its app is becoming a norm that our agency also provides.

At BOBO Marketing Services, we stay ahead of the trends and keep up with pop culture so that your brand stays relevant and at the forefront of your community and feed. With our social media management services, we don’t just engage with accounts, we lead conversations and build long lasting relationships between your brand and its audience.

Digital & Social Media Marketing Services:

($60 per hour) 


engagement & publishing



*up to four pages



*25-30 posts with copy

($60 per hour)


*Reels or TikToks

($60 per hour)

Enjoy our top social media case:


Our Facebook content strategy included posting 4x a week based on promoting our clients’ new YouTube videos, informational infographics & content, promoting new blog posts, promoting new published community pages as well as fun posts the audience can engage with.


We saw immediate positive results with increase in engagement, followers and reach the initial month we took over their Facebook account.



There was an increase in page visits that also resulted in users from social media visiting their website which positively resulted in more web traffic.



Clients experienced continued growth and the Facebook posts were gaining more reach as more users were engaging and visiting the account which resulted in more followers and more inbox activity to achieve our clients main goal of getting potential home buyers to tour retirement homes. 


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