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81% of marketers consider content as a core business strategy, and there’s a reason for that [1]! Content plays a specific role in marketing. While it may not promote your products or services as heavily as a product advertisement, the goal of content marketing is to promote your business as a whole. Businesses with a content-driven presence generate 54% more leads [2], and are viewed as more trustworthy and more knowledgeable in their niche. 


Basically, the role of content marketing is to uplift your business and to get it seen more frequently and in a more positive light by potential clients. We do this by creating high-quality posts on blogs or social media and using SEO to ensure they are noticed by as many people as possible.

The people most impacted by digital marketing are small business owners interested in lead generation and getting their business into the public eye. These types of clients tend to see the most drastic results, attracting 55% more website traffic with the creation alone [3].

However, we believe that every business could benefit from digital marketing services! The internet is a huge part of our lives already, and it is expected to keep growing and changing as technology improves. If you don’t have much of an online presence, we can create one that benefits your company and its objectives! If you already have an online presence, we can fine-tune it to make it more successful and easier to manage. Wherever you are in your online marketing journey, we can probably help! Simply reach out and contact us.

Digital marketing agencies are different from other types of agencies because they work solely with online marketing. While other agencies can deal with print media and mail campaigns, digital agencies are more focused on social media management and improving website traffic, generating the most positive return on investment they can manage. 


Digital agencies are most helpful for businesses struggling with lead generation and looking to move their business to the next level. Over 61% of marketers rank lead generation as their number one challenge [4], and they help by making sure your website and social media pages are found and followed by more people, utilizing services like email campaigns, digital advertising, SEO, and web development. 


However, from a customer service perspective, digital agencies are no different from traditional ones! We will meet with you to discuss your businesses specific needs, and then get to work on finding a strategy and implementing it, whatever form it may take.

The four pillars of content marketing are central to everything we do here at BOBO Marketing Services, starting with the second a potential client reaches out to us.

1. Understanding Your Audience


The first thing we need to do as a content marketing service is understand who we will be making content for. What do they need, and how can we help connect them with those who have it? This step is crucial, because it sets the tone of all of the content we create for each individual business. It is also never-ending; as your business grows and develops, so will your audience!


2. Creating Content


This is our favorite part! Here, we make posts on social media, build a flyer for a new product or write a blog post that can help your clients get better informed about what’s going on in your world — or just cheer them up a bit. What type of content we create is up to you! We are constantly creating and making improvements so that our clients can be their most successful selves.


3. Generating Visibility


There are many things to consider where visibility is concerned, and each medium has its own rules. For blog posts, we incorporate researched keywords for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), backlinks, specified word count, etc. For social media, we create a content calendar, engage with followers, create reels/videos, analyze performance results and so much more. Our goal with this is to make informed decisions about what we create for your business, ensuring that every piece of content is reaching the largest number of potential viewers possible so you can rest easy, knowing that your business is continuously growing.


4. Building & Maintaining Connections


When we talk about marketing, it’s all about the audience. We help businesses connect with current and potential clients or with other businesses in a variety of ways. This includes  commenting on social media posts, or coordinating press releases to get placed in the media. Our goal is to successfully create a consistent and growing flow of your ideal target audience finding and interacting with you.