A Morning Routine for Success

Morning Routine for Success

The Morning Routine That Leads To Your Success

We get it, the mornings are so much more difficult to crawl out of bed when you know the cold is out there waiting to embrace you like an annoying boss that sends you an email before the work day has even begun. But being a morning person and making a routine that works for you are two separate things. The difference being one can help set you up for success and the other isn’t a guarantee. Let’s get one thing straight, being a morning person isn’t synonymous with success, but a flawless routine and mindset? Yes, pleaseee! 

I’m not sure about you, but I like to start my mornings slowly (should you be fortunate enough) and need to ease my mind before having a full-fledged conversation with someone. Where your cortisol levels (aka your stress hormone levels) are known to be highest in the morning, it’s vital to make a healthy and fun routine that sets the tone for your day.

Let us begin.

A great healthy morning routine actually starts the night before, and that’s getting enough sleep (roughly around 7-9 hours). Although it’s life and we can’t always guarantee to achieve a good night’s rest, this routine is more so for how you should strive to live your life most days so bear that in mind as that is the goal.

  1. Get up early (preferably without an alarm). I got into the habit of waking up early that my body does so naturally at this point, but setting an alarm to wake up at a time that works best for you can help you much later on in life.
  2. Apart from any hygienic activities, set yourself up with a great skincare routine! It makes all the difference and gives you a natural glow that adds even more radiance to your day.
  3. Tidy your room before leaving it. No one wants to come back to a messy room. If you’re not a firm believer in making the bed (I have mixed views about this) at least make it look nice.
  4. Try to think positive thoughts and say positive affirmations aloud. If you are a person who hasn’t  used affirmations before, it may sound a little silly at first, but getting into the practice of positivity truly rewires your brain into thinking happier thoughts. If you don’t want to try affirmations right away, you can also try reciting your favorite quote or any spiritual sayings or prayers to help guide you (based upon your beliefs).
  5. This may take people by surprise, but try not to make major decisions early on in the day. Remember, you’re trying to ease your body into a natural, calm and successful state and making stressful decisions in the morning can help throw you off that path immediately. Save those decisions for the afternoon, which leads us to the next step.
  6. Limit your screen time! Those emails, calls, texts, news updates? Those all can wait until after breakfast. Although it is tempting to grab your phone immediately upon waking, screen your phone real quick for any emergencies then proceed to go back to your routine.
  7. Get moving! I’m not saying run a mile, but if you do that’s great! Try stretching, yoga, meditation. Crank up your favorite jams and dance around your kitchen (in the refrigerator light — T Swift anyone?).
  8. Pour yourself lemon water or hot tea with lemon to start your day. Limiting your caffeine intake can help avoid the jitters and upset stomach later on.
  9. Don’t Skip breakfast! Breakfast is truly the most important part of your day. If you can’t eat early in the morning, reach for an apple, yogurt, or smoothie. Your brain and body will thank you later. This also means taking your vitamins and supplements!
  10. Think about what you want to accomplish for the day and then get started with that goal in mind! Don’t try to take on too much however, as multitasking can create lack of direction and more stress.

We hope this helps you on your journey to self care and success in your morning routine! The two go hand-in-hand and is something we strongly believe in here at BOBO Marketing Services.

What is your favorite part of your morning routine? Let us know!


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